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Rental Application Screening Criteria

Henry Properties follow the guidelines of the Fair Housing Act of 1988, in our screening process. Our main screening criteria are described below. The APPLICATION FEE charged, is to reimburse our cost for your credit report and processing. The fee is $30.00 per application. THIS FEE IS NOT REFUNDABLE, and is not credited toward your move in costs. THIS FEE MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION. Applications are processed in the order they are received.

1. All of our APPLICANTS NEED TO HAVE A GOOD CREDIT RATING. We will make some exceptions if your credit problems are over 2 years old, and your credit has been good during the past 2 years. We will not approve any past credit problems still outstanding, or still owed. We make no exceptions for landlord related credit problems. This means any rental account not currently paid, or an eviction. IF YOU HAVE CURRENT CREDIT PROBLEMS, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. Previous credit problems should be disclosed with an explanation on a separate page, and submitted with your application (2 year rule applies). No credit is better than bad credit.

2. All APPLICANTS MUST HAVE A GOOD RENTAL HISTORY. We require a reference including your current landlord, and one previous landlord. We prefer your last landlord, not just your best previous one. Other arrangements may be made if there is no rental history. Please include the address of the rental where you lived, and the landlords name and phone number. Any other references or information that may help your application, can be attached on a separate page.

3. All APPLICANTS MUST HAVE A VERIFIABLE MONTHLY COMBINED INCOME OF APPROXIMATELY 3 TIMES THE MONTHLY RENT. This is somewhat flexible and is determined by your monthly payments owed. We like to see steady employment with a minimum 6 months at your current job. If you have recently changed jobs or are moving to the area, we can look at your previous employment or verify your new job. Students, retired persons or people on disability must meet the same income requirements. Verification can include an award letter, grant letter or student loan letter. Child support or Alimony must include an award letter. A copy must be included with your application. Any other information may be attached separately.

4. ALL OF OUR UNITS ARE SMOKE FREE. Pets allowed on some units with a pet fee and additional deposit. We require a Security Damage Deposit equal to one month rent, and one month rent, or prorated rent, upon approval of your application. Your last month rent must be paid with your 30 day notice to move, unless we require last months rent for approval of your application.


If you meet this criteria and you are interested in submitting an application,    CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE APPLICATION FORM

Fill out the application form and mail it to

Henry Properties
PO Box 2592
Eugene, OR 97402


fax it to  (541) 935-6643 (Application Fee still needs to be paid)




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